About Us

A Little Bit About Us

As a real estate developer and builder in Montreal and surrounding areas, Endevco seeks to offer its clientele maximum value by balancing construction simplicity with practical and affordable units. With the knowledge of how to build efficiently coupled with almost 20 years’ experience in multi-residential and condominium construction, Endevco is an expert when it comes to all things related to mid and high rise development.

What We Do

Maximize value

Working with our teams of professionals, we design efficient spaces to create comfortable living conditions for our clients without them paying for space that they don’t need. We strive to create the most value in our common areas, creating areas that will be well used.


By working with quality suppliers, we are able to provide superior construction and finishes to our clients without the expensive price tag. Our goal is to create affordable luxury living.

Building / Construction knowledge

Our vast knowledge of building and construction, and network of suppliers throughout Quebec gives us the advantage to build projects that are not only high quality and efficient, but that are also exemplary in design without being over the top.

Client Experience

We ensure that every project is built with the end user in mind. We strive to create projects that reflect our clients’ needs and wants. Client satisfaction is always our top priority.